Consorzio Interuniversitario per lo sviluppo dei Sistemi a Grande Interfase
Center for Colloid and Surface Science


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Iron Photocatalysis Applied to Oxidative Amidation of Aldehydes with NaCl

- Dellisanti A. - Pisano L. - Carraro M. - Andrea Porcheddu - De Luca L. - Gaspa S.
European Journal of Organic Chemistry

Exploration of the Lipid Profile of Edible Oleaginous Microgreens by Mass Spectrometry-Based Lipidomics

- Castellaneta A. - Höring M. - Losito I. - Leoni B. - Santamaria P. - Cosima Damiana Calvano - Cataldi T.R.I. - Matysik S. - Liebisch G.
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Chitosan in electrochemical (bio)sensors: nanostructuring and methods of synthesis

- Bocchetta P. - Othman A. - Gupta M. - Andriani G. - Martin P. - Kumar Y. - Joly N. - Pasquale Sacco - Sufyan Javed M.
European Polymer Journal

Understanding the impact of silica nanoparticles in cancer cells through physicochemical and biomolecular characterizations

- Saorin A. - Martinez-Serra A. - Paparoni-Bruzual G.J. - Crozzolin M. - Lombardi V. - Michele Back - Riello P. - Monopoli M.P. - Rizzolio F.
Materials Advances

Choroidal Thickness and brolucizumab intravitreal injection: Cause or effect of intraocular inflammation?

- Cennamo G. - Rinaldi M. - Malvone E. - Ciro Costagliola
Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy

A Small Guide on How to Mount a Sample in a Light-Sheet Microscope

- Francesco Pampaloni - Lachica E. - Paysan J. - Reynaud E.G.
Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy

Impact of surfactant polydispersity on the phase and flow behavior in water: the case of Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate

- Ferraro R. - Michela Salvatore M. - Rodolfo Esposito - Sergio Murgia - Caserta S. - D'Errico G. - Guido S.
Journal of Molecular Liquids

Polyphosphoester-stabilized cubosomes encapsulating a Ru(II) complex for the photodynamic treatment of lung adenocarcinoma

- Casula L. - Elena Giacomazzo G. - Conti L. - Marco Fornasier - Manca B. - Schlich M. - Sinico C. - Rheinberger T. - Wurm F.R. - Giorgi C. - Sergio Murgia
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

Quantitation of oxidized and reduced albumin in mammals. An intriguing analytical question

- Gambardella G. - Notari S. - Criscuolo E. - Lai O. - Nardoni A. - Massoud R. - Laura Micheli - Bocedi A. - Ricci G.
Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics

Smartphone-Based Sensing of Cortisol by Functionalized Rhodamine Probes

- Santonocito R. - Alessia Cavallaro - Puglisi R. - Pappalardo A. - Nunzio Tuccitto - Petroselli M. - Trusso Sfrazzetto G.
Chemistry - A European Journal

Quantum Mechanical Versus Molecular Mechanical Embedding Schemes: A Study of the X-ray Absorption Spectra of Aqueous Ammonia and Ammonium

- Folkestad S.D. - Paul A.C. - Paul nee Matveeva R. - Reinholdt P. - Coriani S. - Odelius M. - Henrik Koch
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation

Advanced microstructural characterization in high-strength steels via machine learning-enhanced high-speed nanoindentation and EBSD mapping

- Bruno F. - Konstantoupoulos G. - Edoardo Rossi - Fiore G. - Charitidis C. - Marco Sebastiani - Belforte L. - Palumbo M.
Materials Today Communications

Nanoporous Au Behavior in Methyl Orange Solutions

- Pinna A. - Giorgio Pia - Melis N. - Prato M. - Cutrufello M.G. - Sogne E. - Falqui A. - Pilia L.

Design and Synthesis of 1,3-Diarylpyrazoles and Investigation of Their Cytotoxicity and Antiparasitic Profile

- Murat Bozdag - Mertens F. - Matheeussen A. - Van Pelt N. - Foubert K. - Hermans N. - De Meyer G.R.Y. - Augustyns K. - Martinet W. - Caljon G. - Van der Veken P.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Cultivation of Chroococcidiopsis thermalis Using Available In Situ Resources to Sustain Life on Mars

- Fais G. - Casula M. - Sidorowicz A. - Manca A. - Margarita V. - Fiori P.L. - Pantaleo A. - Pierluigi Caboni - Giacomo Cao - Alessandro Concas

Development and characterization of liposomal formulations containing sesquiterpene lactones for the treatment of chronic gout

- Cunha Matosinhos R. - Frézard F. - Mendes Silva Araújo S. - Magalhães Barbosa A. - de Souza I.F. - de Souza Filho J.D. - de Souza J. - Corrêa Oliveira Bahia A.P. - Ietta F. - Agnese Magnani - Saúde-Guimarães D.A.
Scientific Reports

Analyzing the Temporal Behavior of Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum Nodes and Algorithm Fidelity

- Podda C. - Moreau G.S. - Pisani L. - Leoni L. - Giacomo Cao
Advanced Quantum Technologies

Genetic background modulates the effect of glucocorticoids on proliferation, differentiation and myelin formation of oligodendrocyte lineage cells

- Gigliotta A. - Mingardi J. - Cummings S. - Alikhani V. - Trontti K. - Alessandro Barbon - Kothary R. - Hovatta I.
European Journal of Neuroscience

Formyl Peptide Receptor 2-Dependent cPLA2 and 5-LOX Activation Requires a Functional NADPH Oxidase

- Pecchillo Cimmino T. - Panico I. - Simona Scarano - Stornaiuolo M. - Esposito G. - Ammendola R. - Cattaneo F.

UPLC-TQD-MS/MS Method Validation for Quality Control of Alkaloid Content in Lepidium meyenii (Maca)-Containing Food and Dietary Supplements

- Le N.T.H. - Foubert K. - Theunis M. - Naessens T. - Murat Bozdag - Van Der Veken P. - Pieters L. - Tuenter E.
ACS Omega

Empowering citizen scientists to improve water quality: from monitoring to action

- Warner S. - Blanco Ramírez S. - de Vries S. - Marangu N. - Ateba Bessa H. - Toranzo C. - Imaralieva M. - Abrate T. - Kiminta E. - Castro J. - de Souza M.L. - Ghaffar Memon A. - Steven Arthur Loiselle - Juanah M.S.E.
Frontiers in Water

Investigation of α-glucosidase and α-amylase inhibition for antidiabetic potential of agarwood (Aquilaria malaccensis) leaves extract

- Wibowo S. - Wardhani S.K. - Hidayati L. - Wijayanti N. - Matsuo K. - Jessica Costa - Nugraha Y. - Siregar J.E. - Nuringtyas T.R.
Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology

Spectral Domain and Angiography Optical Coherence Tomography in Parkinson's Disease: Structural and Vascular Changes in the Retina Correlate with Disease Severity and Progression

- Di Maio L.G. - Cennamo G. - Montorio D. - De Michele G. - Palmieri G.R. - Baratto L. - Perillo S. - Giglio A. - Filla A. - Brescia Morra V. - De Michele G. - Ciro Costagliola - De Rosa A.
Acta Neurologica Scandinavica

Pannonibacter anstelovis sp. nov. Isolated from Two Cases of Bloodstream Infections in Paediatric Patients

- Castellana S. - De Laurentiis V. - Bianco A. - Del Sambro L. - Grassi M. - De Leonardis F. - Derobertis A.M. - De Carlo C. - Sparapano E. - Mosca A. - Stolfa S. - Ronga L. - Santacroce L. - Maria Chironna - Parisi M. - Capozzi L. - Parisi A.

How to obtain an integrated picture of the molecular networks involved in adaptation to microgravity in different biological systems?

- Willis C.R.G. - Calvaruso M. - Angeloni D. - Baatout S. - Benchoua A. - Bereiter-Hahn J. - Bottai D. - Buchheim J.I. - Carnero-Diaz E. - Castiglioni S. - Cavalieri D. - Ceccarelli G. - Chouker A. - Cialdai F. - Ciofani G. - Coppola G. - Cusella G. - Degl’Innocenti A. - Desaphy J.F. - Frippiat J.P. - Gelinsky M. - Genchi G. - Grano M. - Grimm D. - Guignandon A. - Herranz R. - Hellweg C. - Iorio C.S. - Karapantsios T. - van Loon J. - Lulli M. - Maier J. - Malda J. - Mamaca E. - Morbidelli L. - Osterman A. - Ovsianikov A. - Francesco Pampaloni - Pavezlorie E. - Pereda-Campos V. - Przybyla C. - Rettberg P. - Rizzo A.M. - Robson-Brown K. - Rossi L. - Russo G. - Salvetti A. - Risaliti C. - Santucci D. - Sperl M. - Tabury K. - Tavella S. - Thielemann C. - Willaert R. - Monici M. - Szewczyk N.J.
npj Microgravity

Mechanochemically Induced Solid-State Transformations of Levofloxacin

- Kadri L. - Maria Carta - Lampronti G. - Francesco Delogu - Tajber L.
Molecular Pharmaceutics

NOX2 and NOX4 expression in monocytes and macrophages-extracellular vesicles in signalling and therapeutics

- Rathi D. - Claudio Rossi - Pospíšil P. - Ramalingam Manoharan R. - Talarico L. - Agnese Magnani - Prasad A.
Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology

An innovative “Up-and-Down” adsorption processes for pyrene removal from acid wastewater as new approach in water remediation

- Barreca S. - Oliveri I.P. - Lo Presti F. - Oliveri V. - Giannakis S. - Nunzio Tuccitto - Valentina Spampinato - Auditore A.
Separation and Purification Technology

Assessing the inhaled dose of nanomaterials by nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA) of exhaled breath condensate (EBC) and its relationship with lung inflammatory biomarkers

- Panizzolo M. - Francesco Barbero - Ghelli F. - Garzaro G. - Bellisario V. - Guseva Canu I. - Fenoglio I. - Bergamaschi E. - Bono R.

Aging Mechanism of Mn-Based Prussian Blue Cathode Material by Synchrotron 2D X-ray Fluorescence

- Maisuradze M. - Li M. - Carlomagno I. - Mattia Gianandrea Gaboardi - Aquilanti G. - Plaisier J.R. - Giorgetti M.

Spectroscopic and theoretical investigation of Brønsted acid sites in amorphous mixed Zr-Si oxide nanoparticles

- Scotti N. - Borsacchi S. - Monti S. - Zimina A. - Evangelisti C. - Marco Geppi - Dambruoso P. - Barcaro G. - Bossola F. - Dal Santo V. - Ravasio N.
Journal of Alloys and Compounds

Physico-chemical and nutritional properties of different high-amylose wheat breads

- Silvio Iacovino - Quiquero M. - De Arcangelis E. - Francesca Cuomo - Trivisonno M.C. - Messia M.C. - Marconi E.
Journal of Cereal Science

Open-source, 3D printable IOL holder for detailed, smartphone-based anterior segment photography

- Passaro M.L. - Airaldi M. - Ancona C. - Ventura M. - Iodice P. - Ciro Costagliola - Semeraro F. - Romano V.
European Journal of Ophthalmology

Corneal collagen cross-linking in patients with keratoconus from the Dresden protocol to customized solutions: theoretical basis

- Caruso C. - D'Andrea L. - Troisi M. - Rinaldi M. - Piscopo R. - Troisi S. - Ciro Costagliola
International Journal of Ophthalmology